Helping you get the best interest rate for your money

Alternative investments with structured opportunities

We specialise in distinctive investment opportunities in the United Kingdom and globally to investors around the world.
  • Delivering returns that exceed industry standards
  • Providing a dedicated team to serve our clients
  • An alternative investment firm recognized for its winning performance.
Introducing clients to leading investment opportunities

Hookway Capital introduces clients to market leading investment products, our clients include ISA providers, Property development, private equity and peer to peer lending.

Who are we

Hookway Capital was established with the intention of giving investors access to a well established network of companies who offer above average interest rates.

How did We start?

We are staffed by a team of researchers who have deep roots within the industry, our extensive network enables us to connect our clients with products and services that align to their investment criteria.

How does the process work?

It’s a very seamless process, we encourage a face to face meeting with our clients to get an understanding of our clients criteria and then we will align our introduction with the information we have gathered.

Types of Products

Renewable Energy

Sustainable products have been and continue to be the most favorable investments for our clients. According to the US energy information administration, by 2050 about half of Global energy production is expected to come from renewable sources such as wind and solar power.



Gold has been a favorable investment amongst our clients for decades, right with double-digit inflation and currency debasement buying Gold has been a great alternative for clients interested in safeguarding their wealth.


EIS Investment

EIS investment has the potential to offer significant growth opportunities for investors, with the added benefit of tax relief incentives from the government. By investing in innovative companies, we help our clients to get impressive returns.


Your Complex Investments
Our Free Expertise!

Our fees are charged to the company, not the client, which means our consultation is completely free of charge.

Final word from the CEO - An Honest Approach

It’s our mission to introduce our customers with market leading products that have been hand selected without any bias. Our team really is the reason behind our success, our commitment to ensuring we only collaborate with the best brands is why customers continue to come back time and time again.

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