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We believe in success for the many and want to create an eco-system where investors and fundraisers can grow together.

Whether you’re looking to invest or you’re looking to raise capital for your business, Hookway Capital can provide you with all of the resources you need to get started. Our business model stemmed from a discontent with the current banking and investment market landscape and with over 60 years experience in the finance sector spanning our team, we decided to do something about it.

We Give You Our Eyes

We aim to give you complete visibility of the savings and investment marketplace so that you can make decisions from a position of knowledge.

Transparency 100%

We Map Out Your Journey

As an introducer, we do not manage funds, but we recognize the importance for investors to comprehend not only the options we present them with, but also our company and background.

Control 100%
As a fiduciary and fund services provider, we have received recognition for our excellence in the industry. Our company is completely independent and managed by its owners, and we have a longstanding history of over 10 years. We are highly regarded for our commitment to honesty, confidentiality, and accountability.
Our reputation as a top-notch provider of wealth structuring, administration, governance, and advisory services to clients around the globe, including high net worth individuals, families, family offices, fund managers, and corporations, has been earned through our commitment to a shared vision of delivering value without adding unnecessary complexity.


Through decades of financial intermediation, We have built enduring and beneficial connections with numerous collaborators and investors. These associations are based on a commitment to excellence in products and services, as well as complete transparency.

Bespoke Service

We hold the belief that clients seek a simple and uncomplicated process to conduct their research, comprehend the proposal with ease, and advance at their own pace without any constraints.


Hookway Capital fundamental approach is to avoid complacency despite its success. It constantly adapts to the dynamic financial landscape to provide competitive options to its clients while ensuring their peace of mind.

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Daniel Gurr

Managing Partner

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