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MWA introduces clients to market leading investment products, our clients include ISA providers, property development, private equity and peer to peer lending.

Our Services

Property Bond

Property bond investment offers investors an excellent opportunity to achieve long-term growth and income. This approach enable you to access a diversified portfolio that you might not be able to afford or manage independently.


Innovative ISA

We work closely with innovative ISA providers, which means clients can add to their ISA allowance, tax-free. Our current ISA providers are offering fixed returns up to 6.2%, It's a great time to explore opportunities outside the traditional banking remit. READ MORE

Renewable Energy

Investment in energy sector experienced a yearly growth rate of just 2% for five years from 2017. However, starting from 2020, the pace of this growth has significantly accelerated to 12% while worldwide exploration spending rose 32% in 2023.



Gold has been a favorable investment amongst our clients for decades, right with double digit inflation and currency debasement buying Gold has been a great alternative for clients interested in safe guarding their wealth.


EIS Investment

EIS investment has the potential to offer significant growth opportunities for investors, with the added benefit of tax relief incentives from the government. By investing in innovative companies, we help our clients to get impressive returns.


Fixed Interest Plans

The enterprise investment scheme was established in 1994 by the UK Government to stimulate investment within UK businesses. EIS investing provides clients with huge tax relief and has been a great way to make exponential returns.


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