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Risk Disclaimer

Important Information for Prospective Investors

Introduction The information on this website is solely for informative purposes and is not to be relied on as legal, investment, tax, or any other advice when making investment decisions. Hookway Capital is not authorized to advise prospective investors about investment suitability. Prospective investors are advised to seek independent specialist advice before engaging in any investment activity.

Investor Categorization 

The investments referred to on this website are considered high risk and are suitable only for certain qualifying classes of investors within the UK. Prospective investors will also need to pass our knowledge and experience test and be capable of evaluating investment decisions independently.

Restricted Jurisdictions

This website is not intended for or directed at distribution or publication to any person in any jurisdiction whereby doing so might result in contravention of any regulations or applicable laws. Potential investors should take adequate independent investment advice and educate themselves as to the applicable legal requirements in the countries in which they reside or have citizenship.

Risk Warning

Loss of Capital All investments referred to on the website carry high risks of a loss of part or all of the capital invested. The value of assets has the potential to decrease as well as increase and can be affected by a variety of variables, such as changes in interest rates. An investor may not get back the amount they originally invested. An investor may not receive any income distributions, such as dividends. Illiquidity of these investments means that it might not be possible to sell the investments immediately or without significant loss in value. Longer-term investment horizons are typically involved.

Future Performance

Past performance is not a guide or guarantee to future performance, and predictions are not a reliable indication of potential future performance. Any projections of future performance are based on all information known at the time.

Risks Relating to Mini Bonds 

Mini bonds are unregulated and illiquid and therefore considered high risk. Interest rates on mini bonds are not comparable to those of bank savings accounts and bonds of this nature cannot be redeemed until reaching maturity. Mini bonds are referred to as non-readily realisable securities, this means you might have to hold them until maturity. Your capital might also be at risk and you may not get back everything you invested. Investors are advised to seek appropriate tax advice to clarify their position.

Illiquidity, Diversification and Exit All investments available via Hookway Capital are unregulated, complex, and non-readily realisable issued by smaller companies or start-ups, and investors will be exposed to a high risk of losing part, or all of the capital invested. Therefore, investors should only invest a small proportion of their available investment capital in multiple asset classes as opposed to a large amount in one or a few, and should balance this with investments into safer, more liquid investments. Each investment is a long-term commitment and you should only invest an amount that you are willing to lose.

Hookway Capital does not provide tax advice and investors should seek independent tax advice before deciding to invest.


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